Government Shutdown/Budget offer

My offer to end the government shutdown and pass a budget.

Any politician sacrificing as much as me?

About Me

My background


Born and raised in Michigan.

Lived in Michigan and Colorado.

Worked in Construction,security,sales,airlines and transportation.

Married with 1 child.

Schools attended.  

  • Light & Life Christian School Taylor,Michigan
  • Aquinas High School Southgate, Michigan

I am no politician and I believe that everything should be handled in order.

Just as business should be 

#1.   The customer

#2.   The worker

#3.   The shareholders

#4.   The company

Government needs to know their priorities.

I have my priorities as

#1.   The people

#2.   The Military

#3.   Services for all

#4.   Business

#5.   Government

I am no saint but I refuse to hurt anyone or take advantage of people or situations.

No dirt to dig up on me because all you have to do is look at my social media to see who I associate with,things I like,my views and how I treat people.

I am a fan of sarcasm which is one of my many flaws so I hope you speak that language.

Every person is important to me.

How you live your life is your business not mine.

My top issues



If we look at statistics we see many warning signs that gun violence would be possible in those situations.

Gun violence isn't just about access to guns (many law abiding citizens own the same guns used in these events).

It is mental health,education,jobs,family and self esteem.

When we look at areas with high education,jobs and mental health we get much less violence.

But we are not limiting it to just location,since we see shootings at colleges,high schools,grade schools,etc..

All of them had easy access to all these important issues.

So what was the catalyst in this?

The individual.

Before we can change others we must first change ourselves.

We have way too many mass shootings.

I understand and agree the 2nd amendment is important.

Our founding fathers knew we would need them from time to time.

But they also knew to put the phrase "well regulated" in the 2nd amendment.

When a person is sick we treat the symptoms and remove the cause.

To treat the symptoms we need metal detectors,better schools and armed guards (more like national guard).

I understand this scares many people.

To some degree it scares me also since I grew up in the days where none of that was needed.

But if we don't do this the symptoms will continue of mass shootings.

We also need to involve parents in more of their childs life and actually listen to the needs of the children.

The cause of the crimes could be many reasons but it is NOT due to lack of communication with the criminal or any psychological reaction.

If they are diagnosed with ptsd,bipolar or any other mental issues they should not be allowed to buy a gun.

But there are also many guns that should only be allowed to police,military.

Bump stocks should have no place.

We need common sense gun control without taking away 2nd amendment rights.

Lets work together

If we disagree that is fine.

Disagreement is what helps make us stronger.

As they say "that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger".

Guns kill.

But no matter how we feel we should not blame,complain about the past,question intentions.

We must do the job.

We owe it to these kids who survived the most horrific situation in their lives at a young age.

They still have a bright future.

The ones who have been taken from us still have a bright future.

Not in the physical sense but as long as we remember them their dreams live on in us.

Let this be the last time we argue about guns.

Let this be the end of mass shootings.

We need better than Trump gun control which is ignoring it.


We finally need to stand up and tell the world that we will not allow anyone to treat women with less than the respect they deserve.

Any man who assaults women or sexually harasses women should face charges.

Not local charges but federal charges.

I am not talking unwanted flirting that wouldn't be harassment.

If a woman/man falsely accuses a man/woman they would be charged in federal court as well.

We can not tolerate abuse of women but we also can not allow false accusations.

I would create a new cabinet possition to deal with this disturbing problem that pits freedom against decency.

  • Jobs.       

We Need more manufacturing jobs in America and a fair pay for the working class.

We have created more jobs but many jobs were also cut so it is not helping.   How does it help to create more Walmart jobs or Airline jobs that only work a person 6 hours a day with no pay increases,no benefits and laid off if worked to a certain hours per year?

  • Tariffs

Tariffs are not helpful.

We are supposedly in a world economy,and in a world economy tariffs is just hurting business.

Instead of adding tariffs we should have manufacturing overseas and they should have it here.

If Ford Motor could have a factory in a country to sell that vehicle in that country it would increase jobs and revenue.

If a foreign company set up shop here it would increase jobs and revenue.

Everyone wins.

Tariffs....nobody wins.

  • Taxes

We need a fair tax for not only business but for the people. 

Not just a simple flat tax but to keep business honest and fair to their workers.

We need tax incentives not tax breaks in order to keep companies honest.

Why did Walmart give bonus' to the workers to show the tax break works while closing Sams Club and laying off the workers to any benefit of bonus is erased by the cuts in labor?

  • Business.

We need to cut some regulations because we are actually delaying business from setting up.

But other regulations are needed to ensure that the environment and people are protected.

We don't need minimum wage laws,but what we need is a fair wage and a gap of no larger than 40:1 between executives and average hourly workers.

If businesses treat their workers and customers fairly and with respect they in turn deserve respect.

If not they need to pay more in taxes.

Don't give tax breaks give tax incentives.

Just like a child is given his allowance after doing chores not before.

  • Immigration.         

We need to fight for Americans first,but that does not mean we ignore those that wish to come here legally and become Americans.

Dreamers should be fought for because it wasn't them that broke the law and we must have compassion for some of those who came over illegally.

I understand they broke the law but if it was bad where they came from and the waiting list was greater than 2 years (sometimes up to 20 years) is it any wonder why they risked all to break the law?

They should not get a free pass but rather a pathway to citizenship for illegals and dreamers here greater than 10 years brought here under age 12 should be able to stay.

Why do some countries have it easy to come here while others go through hell?

But before we can help anyone we must first guarantee Americans come first and not left in the cold.

  • Banking.

Why can banks charge outrageous interest rates for the loans (which they are using our money to fund it) but then give such low interest rates on savings,cd's,etc..?

We need to promote savings and financial responsibilities.

Federal Reserve needs restructuring.

We should no longer allow private entities control our federal reserve.

Maybe that way interest on savings will increase and loans could be more streamlined.

  • Military.

When I say military,I am referring to our soldiers.

The brave men and women who serve their country with no fear or reservations or self interests.

Not only should we give them the best equipment needed to accomplish any goals they have in service to their country but we must also ensure they have what they need when they leave military service.

No soldier should struggle with life.

  • Freedom.

Freedom is simple.

We don't need to agree with each other.

But we need to defend each others rights to live our own lives how we decide to as long as we do not harm others physically (and do not include disciplining a child with spankings as physical harm).

People can decide who to marry and what kind of cake they sell.

People can decide what church or school to go to.

  • Environment.

Why is it so easy to go after tobacco use because of the health effects but we do nothing to stop the poisoning of our earth.

We need clean air,land and water.

In cities such as Flint Michigan they do not have clean water and not much being done since it would cost business too much money to clean up their mess but if a person is seen littering or smoking in a non smoking area no problem going after the person.

Nature can heal itself,but we must clean it up first and stop polluting.



We the people have elected a new House of Representatives and the Senate is still Republican controlled.

But it is not making a difference.

Our government is still shut down and yes it is the Presidents fault, but the Senate isn't trying anymore unless it is something the President asks for (they should just do their job and not wait for the President).

The House was going to be the boot up Washingtons ass but instead after being sworn in they went home for the weekend.

Why can't they write a bill first then and pass it on to the Senate for approval?

If denied that is on them.

But since Trump wants to act like a spoiled brat lets treat him as such.

I am offering my life for this.

If this works (not that they would do it) I could claim it was my plan.

If it fails by workers not making more/cost of living goes down,veterans get everything they deserve and have earned,Military personel doesn't get a raise,we don't get immigration reform,we have an increase in school shootings,Debt isn't lowered and healthcare isn't improved for the working class I would accept the death penalty from the government.

As they say Put up or Shut up.

I am putting up,what are they doing?.

Here is my suggestion for the budget.

Author:   Stephen Patterson,Citizen


A BILL TO FUND The Federal Government and Open Government


The President is holding Government workers and the people hostage for the sole purpose of building a wall at the southern border and funding must be provided for to reopen the government.   

For such reasons any land not owned by the government would be purchased at 2x the fair market price.   

In addition seeing as the wall will "stop" illegal entrance into this country any undocumented immigrant having crossed after wall completion and having been residing in America for over 2 years will receive citizenship.


This budget is for the people of the United States with no regard to sex,age,orientation,religion or party affiliation and the creditors in whom The United States is indebted to.


This budget provides a clear spending plan to lower debt and reopen the government and to adjust taxes for the purpose of speeding the debt reduction.


To provide better incentives to businesses for the purpose of job creation, tax incentives would be required for passage of this bill. 

Tax Incentives are as follows

Tax deduction for full time hourly workers at 200% while part time or less are at 75%

Tax deduction for employee benefits at 200%

CEO's would be capped at 40x average hourly workers (salary,bonus',profit sharing and stock options combined) unless average hourly employees earned 5x the annual cost of living (currently listed on federal list as 18000 per year single no dependants  18000x5=90000).

WHEREAS    To provide for opportunity to immigration,waiting time to process applications would be reduced to 60 days and tourist visas will be approved to the residents of countries that allow Americans to travel to with no visa requirements for limited time.  

Unless criminal acts are discovered.

And USCIS will increase number of agents to process twice the current level of immigrant visas and tourist visas.


To Provide safety from gun violence.   

Common sense regulations would be as follows.

Mental Health must be evaluated to own a weapon designed as such (ie...guns,swords,martial arts weapons,tactical knives)  

Must not suffer from any mental illness including but not limited to depression,ptsd,dementia,bipolar,antisocial,anger management issues.

Gun ownership would be limited to 4 firearms per person (unless a licensed collector,military,law enforcement or security personel).

Long barrel firearms would be illegal in public locations (except in cases of transporting from/to home,gun range,place of purchase,woods for hunting.

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES THE SUM OF $3,990,610,000,000 be allocated from the United States Treasury to fund the United States Government for the following.

Defence Discretionary spending                           $390,000,000,000 (must include 10% increase to military pay every 2 years.)

Defence R&D                                                      $47,000,000,000

Non Defense discretionary spending        $300,000,000,000

Non Defense R&D                                            $60,000,000,000

Border Wall                                                          $10,000,000,000

Social Security                                                $1,005,000,000,000

Medicare                                                            $592,000,000,000

Medicaid                                                              $414,000,000,000

Transportaion                                                    $100,000,000,000

Energy                                                                   $80,000,000,000

Environment                                                        $80,000,000,000

Housing/Urban                                                  $100,000,000,000

Education                                                             $120,000,000,000

Immigration                                                                $12,610,000,000

Agriculture                                                             $100,000,000,000

Veterans Affairs                                                     $120,000,000,000

Science                                                                   $100,000,000,000

Government                                                            $30,000,000,000

Interest on debt                                                  $360,000,000,000

Total                $3,990,610,000,000

approximately  savings from debt              $109,390,000,000

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES that to ensure support for this bill ,new tax revenues must be included to fund this bill as following.

Megachurches fair play tax    50% of income above $10,000,000

Waste of land usage tax.    Where land used for golf courses be taxed 40% in addition to existing tax laws.

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I love this country and hate to see it being treated like garbage.

Enough lies,Enough games and enough greed.

We are American.

That makes us family.

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