The Cabinet is the foundation of any presidency.

Without a good cabinet nothing will ever improve.

They are the bedrock for the presidents goals and in turn the very people who advise how to make this country stronger and better.

Would you let a mechanic do open heart surgery on you?

How about a doctor fixing your car?

You need someone who knows the field they are in and can solve any problem in that area.

Someone who is no stranger to that position.  

When looking for someone qualified to do the job just think of someone like Gary Sinise fighting hard everyday for the department of veterans affairs to help the veterans.

He is just one example of a great cabinet member.

My Cabinet choices.

  •  Vice President    Edward G Ouellette or Jon Stewart
  • Chief of Staff   Ken Russell
  • Secretary of State     Paul Nakasone  or Edward G Ouellette
  • Ambassador to the United Nations   Rosemary A DiCarlo
  • Secretary of Energy     Elon Musk
  • Attorney General     Rosemarie Aquilina
  • Department of Immigration    Norma J Torres
  • Secretary of Interior     Kimberly Teehee
  • Secretary of Agriculture     Ken Powell
  • Secretary of Commerce    Ended 
  • Secretary of Labor     Hilda Solis
  • Health and Human Services     Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  • HUD     Johnathan Reckford
  • EPA      Catherine Cortez Masto
  • Department of Transportation     Andy Kunz
  • Secretary of Defense     Lori Robinson or Joseph Dunford or Terrence O'Shaughnessy
  • Department of Education     Michelle Rhee
  • Homeland Security     Kelly Ayotte
  • Veterans Affairs     Gary Sinise
  • Secretary of the treasury.      Angela McGlowan      
  • Small business Administration.     Alexis Margaret Herman
  • Office of Management and budget.     Leah D. Daughtry     
  • Director of National Intelligence     Loretta Sanchez
  • Director of Central Intelligence    *combined with National Intelligence
  • Director of ATF -  Wesley Clark
  • Director of womens services - Alyssa Milano*
  • Director of public safety -Michael Hayden or Norman Siep **

*new post...responsible for setting up workplace rules to ensure womens safety and fight sexual harrassment as well as setting up public policy on how to deal with sexual harrassment. 

** NEW POST...responsible for planning improvements to public safety for schools,malls,hospitals,churches and any other large gathering places not covered by other departments such as transportation.