trump treason has weakened an already weak congress.



A Broken Congress


 When it comes to The Congress, we need a Congress that puts the needs of the people first... not their own "wants."  

But Congress hasn't been doing their job.

We can talk about trump impeachment.

We can even talk about trump treason.

But we must change congress because they are failing us by supporting this chaos.

To fix this problem, we need to vote out ALL in Congress who voted against what is important.

But in the time being, the President needs to push Congress into being reasonable.  

They need to allow the President a "Line item veto" so worthless parts of a bill can be cut out while allowing the positive parts to stay.


If they are not willing to allow such a simple thing, that leaves no choice but to treat them like children since they would be acting like children.

In such a case the President needs to force Congress to shorten their bills down to no more than 10 pages each bill.  

That way it would be simple for EVERYONE to read.  

And then, when they vote on it, their names would be attached to the bill as a Yes or No vote or not voting at all... while posting the bill online on the White House webpage.

Remember how Obama wanted everything shown on C-SPAN?  

Good idea but who watches them debate on cable?  

That could put an insomniac to sleep.  

Keep it simple.‚Äč