Gun Control

We have way too many mass shootings.

I understand and agree the 2nd amendment is important.

Our founding fathers knew we would need them from time to time.

But they also knew to put the phrase "well regulated" in the 2nd amendment.

What should we do?

Our country is sick.

When a person is sick we treat the symptoms and remove the cause.

To treat the symptoms we need metal detectors,better schools and armed guards (more like national guard).

I understand this scares many people.

To some degree it scares me also since I grew up in the days where none of that was needed.

But if we don't do this the symptoms will continue of mass shootings.

We also need to involve parents in more of their childs life and actually listen to the needs of the children.

The cause of the crimes could be many reasons but it is NOT due to lack of communication with the criminal or any psychological reaction.

If they are diagnosed with ptsd,bipolar or any other mental issues they should not be allowed to buy a gun.

But there are also many guns that should only be allowed to police,military.

Bump stocks should have no place.

We need common sense gun control without taking away 2nd amendment rights.

Lets work together

If we disagree that is fine.

Disagreement is what helps make us stronger.

As they say "that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger".

Guns kill.

But no matter how we feel we should not blame,complain about the past,question intentions.

We must do the job.

We owe it to these kids who survived the most horrific situation in their lives at a young age.

They still have a bright future.

The ones who have been taken from us still have a bright future.

Not in the physical sense but as long as we remember them their dreams live on in us.

Let this be the last time we argue about guns.

Let this be the end of mass shootings.

We need better than Trump gun control which is ignoring it.