Immigration reform


I am for immigrants coming to America, because they contribute so much to this great country. 
But what we can not tolerate are CRIMINAL immigrants.

I would end the policy of splitting up children from their families.

If the family presents themselves to immigration upon arrival for asylum they will be scheduled for a court case.

Any evidence of threats or danger would make it easier for asylum.

They would still need to report to case workers and gain employment with their immigration card.

Dreamers should be protected at all cost as long as they are not criminals.

Those that came illegally should be shown compassion depending on circumstances. 

If they came from a bad area with their family for a better life and contributed to society for 10+ years show mercy.

We need to stop illegals but we must also fight for those desiring to come over legally.

Why should it take as long as it does to be granted entrance?

We hold these truths to be self evident,that ALL men are created equal.

Endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.

Such as life,Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This means all people.

Even from other countries,religions,etc..

Don't turn a blind eye to illegal entry but fight to help those who desire to come here.

Calling them "undocumented" trivializes our laws and is the same as calling a drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist."

First step in the Immigration process is simple: Secure the borders.

Really, it isn't that hard to do. 
Besides having an actual combination fence/wall you have it patrolled by the US Military. 
Later, it will be explained how I want to adjust military staffing.  

But I would require the US Military to be placed throughout the US and special forces stationed near the border.  

They would not be breaking the Posse Comitatus act because they are not being used against the American people but rather used as a goalie if you would; to keep people out trying to sneak in.
They are the front line.

Second step in immigration: staffing.

I would require Congress to cut some unneeded spending to  allow for increased spending on personnel to handle the applications. 
The  numbers allowed will increase 50% for guest workers, and tourist visas will not have a limit as long as the applicant passes security checks handled by a 3 party review (military, government and independent).

When it comes to the visitors visa program, we need to follow the age old rule: Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

If a country allows us to visit them for a set time with just a passport (visa waiver program) we should allow them the same. 

There are many countries not on the visa waiver program that allow us to travel without a visa. 
The guest worker visa should be expanded to allow more people to come over to do the jobs Americans don't want or not enough Americans to fill the jobs.

But once again it must be offered to Americans first.

If a company wants to sponsor a guest worker, we will make it easier (PROVIDED that they advertised to Americans for the job opening and no qualified American would be available for the job). 
But even the guest worker must qualify in the same manner the American does.

When the guest worker have been here a set time they can apply as a "permanent resident" and then after an additional 2 years they can apply for citizenship.

Third step is if we are to do a pathway to citizenship it should be a 5 step program.

1.  Not allowed to vote for 8 years.
2.  Not allowed to own a gun until a legal citizen.
3.  Pays for own healthcare and education. (if not provided by employer)
4.  500 hours of community service revitalizing homes and parks.
5.  If they commit a crime while waiting for citizenship they are deported (capital crimes get automatic death penalty.).

We will also not fund ANY country other than America.