What has happened to the middle class.


The Middle Class is being brought down to the poverty level slowly while the upper class is being raised beyond belief.

Some say why does an actor,musician,athlete deserve as much money as they are paid but that is because they are doing the work all themselves and they don't have employees like executives do.

If they fail their careers will be over.

Executives on the other hand will continue even after bankruptcy and lawsuits.

Look at Trump as an example.

Their businesses are built on the backs of the workers.

We should have deals with countries where we can manufacture or produce goods in their countries for their people instead of just shipping our goods.

And if they have us manufacture there we would allow them to manufacture here their goods.

By doing that we can avoid import taxes while increasing jobs.

We need to do more for the middle class.


Business has been around for centuries.

Even before Jesus.

The middle class deserves our attention and help.

My Plan.


To me, jobs are the number one issue.  
Without jobs, we can not hope to work on immigration.  
Without jobs, our economy will not grow the way it should.
I have heard that we have added more jobs, and that is true.  
But those jobs are mostly minimum wage... or close to it.
How can we grow as a country when we have every other country make our products for us?

Next time you buy a flag, look at where it is made.
Next time you go to D.C. and buy something as simple as a hat, see if it is made in Vietnam.
Even Trump's merchandise is made overseas.

If we are selling foreign made products to give honor to America, we have seriously lost our way.

I want to fight for more manufacturing jobs.  
Not just some, but majority of our goods I want made here.

This is a new century.

Everything is automated or high tech and we need to fight to be at the cutting edge of technology.

As much as I agree with tariffs on imports such as solar panels it would serve us better in the world if we could focus on bringing those jobs here.

Make companies tax exempt for a certain time frame or give an added tax incentive for high tech jobs in America.

Our companies want to sell those items but they find financial benefits of having them overseas.

Give them a greater financial benefit to have them here even though they would be paying more in labor costs.

My tax plan would remove the fear of labor costs so the company can spend their time making lives better while growing at an exponential rate.  

I also want to push for higher taxes on imports and tax the companies that outsource jobs when materials and labor are available here.

If Materials or labor is not available here then remove tariffs

See my tax plan to know rates.
Taxes are simpler than any other administration.

In order to pressure businesses to hire more workers for good paying jobs, I also think it is necessary to have a maximum income level for executives (well,sort of). 
Company executives can not make more than 40 times their average hourly worker makes.  

That is salary/bonus'/profit sharing/stock options all rolled up.

Exempted any company that pays average hourly worker 5 times cost of living.

Currently cost of living is around 18000 federally for individuals.

So if pay is higher than 90000 no cap imposed.

That way, if their profits are too high, their only options are lower costs/raise pay/new businesses or share profits 40:1 

Or all the above depending on amount of profits.

And so that the money isn't shifted to "share holders" or the "board members," I would make "board members" the same classification as executives and share holders are only allowed to share among themselves 2% of profits.

For manufacturing companies that build in America with American parts and American labor, their tax rate would be 10%.  

But if the American companies get ANY parts or the entire product from international sources they must pay a 25% tax .  Unless material is not available in America.

Increase our manufacturing overseas to sell there (no tariffs needed) and in return they can increase their manufacturing here (increased jobs).

Taxes on both would be 10%

If other countries want to ignore our free trade agreements why should we honor them?

Every job given the guest worker must first be offered to any American who wants the job and is qualified by the same standards as guest workers.

If no American applies for the job then guest workers can receive the job.  

After the guest worker lives and works in America for 5 years and pays all taxes,then they can apply for permanent residence.  

After an addtional 2 years they can apply for citizenship.