Women and respect.

What is needed

Women need to know that we will fight for them and their respect.

They need to know we have their back in cases where men/women force or coerce them into moments of sexual harassment.

They need us to ensure that they are safe and we say what we mean and mean what we say when it comes to fairness and dignity.

How do we handle this.

First we must acknowledge that sexual harassment has grown over the decades and put our foot down.

Without getting so oppressive that we will not allow freedom of speech,we need to set up rules and punishment for how to handle sexual harassment.

We need to determine what is the legal threshold for sexual harassment.

Since this problem is growing we can not sit back and wait for local authorities to handle it,because it is not working.

We need to make this a federal issue.

Because our mothers,daughters and sisters are worth no less than respect, safety and dignity.

Who would lead this department.

The person who leads this department should have earned respect in fighting for people.

They should be outspoken and not tolerate a lack of respect.

No candidate can tell you everything that is why the cabinet is important.

I know of many people who are qualified to handle such a department but I would be honored to have Alyssa Milano lead that department.

Whoever leads it will have full cooperation of local and federal law enforcement in sharing of information,prosecution of such crimes and sentencing rules for such crimes.